Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tantrums - Indianapolis, Indiana 1966

The Tantrums started in early '66. Dressed in popular Mod-style hip-hugger camel corduroy slacks, yellow shirts, with floral ties and black boots, they prided themselves in being the local "hard-rockers". 20 minute renditions of "Louie, Louie" and frequent ad-libbing were well known throughout the city of Indianapolis.
The Tantrums were:
Bob Gunnell - lead guitar - bottom
Tom Arnold - rhythm guitar - middle
Jake Adams - Bass - top
Tom Sterrette (sp?) - Drums - not pictured

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shy Ones - Indianapolis - 1967

This is one of a couple known '60s Indiana all girl bands. Previously published info states that the Shy Ones were popular on the college fraternity circuit. Can't see any fault with that statement. This is one of those lost bands that I've gotten more names for (from other bands with a watchful eye) than I've got members in the ad! Seems they were booked often in early '67 with The Suns of Summer, an all boy band. Wonder if the girl in the middle still has that Gibson SG she's clutching! That would be just too much to bear!

Band members known:
Carol Buckoski
Sandy Gay
Barb Gabriel
Bonnie McDowell
Robin McDowell
Jeanne Schuller

Any ideas on who's who in the pic, please let me know. I'm fairly certain no recordings exist for this group, but I'd love to be proven wrong!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kut-Outs - Columbus, Indiana 1965

The Kut-Outs from Columbus, 1965! This announcement gives lots of great info on the early '65 szene. Seems Roy Orbison had 100 45s in the local cutout bins to give away! Kut-Outs , cutouts, see why I don't write comedy! Also in the announcement, The XL's , local heroes, played and seemed to be a darn fine band. The Four Wheels, later the Boys Next Door. Some great 45s from that band!

The Kut-Outs included:

Trent Nentrup
John (JR) Arrington (Vietnam casualty)
Daryl Richards

Thanks To Trent for the member info, and he's looking into some pics and documentation of the band!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Shakers - Columbus, Indiana 1966

Behold The Shakers. This pic from June '66 shows the Shakers celebrating an end to classes! The home they played at is just a couple blocks north of my house. The Shakers were a stop between the XL's and later Proof of the Pudding. Of course the theme this week is celebrating our local fallen musicians. Ross Hubler, respected guitarist, passed in 2005.
Band members shown (left to right)

Ross Hubler (RIP)
Tirk Wilder
Dave Groves
Mike Moody (not pictured here)

Hot August Nights is tomorrow night (Aug 4th), so be there and say hi!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The XL's Columbus Indiana 1964

In the spirit of the "Hot August Nights" tribute to the fallen members of 60's Columbus bands, I offer the XL's circa 1964. A glass up to Jim Sparrow, who passed away earlier this year. The XL's were most likely Columbus's most long lived and successful band. The XL's lasted from the early '60s thru the metamorphosis to the Proof of the Pudding which released a lone 45 on RCA in 1967. Take a look at that equipment package, and remember that this was '64!

Pictured members:

Alan Simpson
Tirk Wilder
Jim Sparrow
Mike Moody
Dave Groves

If you are in the area, come on down (or up!) this weekend, and say hi to the guys. I'm sure Alan and Mike will be playing, maybe Tirk, who knows?

p.s. Thanks to Mike Mercer for the pic and endless info on the XL's, he's a large part of the later XL's (to be honored later!)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Calientes - Watchmen - Columbus '66

Sorry for the lousy pic, this is from microfilm, but it's the best I've got. The Calientes and the Watchmen got together for this photo in Feb. '66. Terry Green of the Calientes is one of the deceased that Hot August Nights is paying tribute to.

Band Members , left to right:


Terry Green
Walter Bohall
Willie Bohall
Joe Beamon


Rick Waggoner
Eddie White
Craig Rust
Jeff Luzius

Two more bands, I'm sure two more great stories! Don't hesitate to share them with us.