Thursday, August 2, 2007

The XL's Columbus Indiana 1964

In the spirit of the "Hot August Nights" tribute to the fallen members of 60's Columbus bands, I offer the XL's circa 1964. A glass up to Jim Sparrow, who passed away earlier this year. The XL's were most likely Columbus's most long lived and successful band. The XL's lasted from the early '60s thru the metamorphosis to the Proof of the Pudding which released a lone 45 on RCA in 1967. Take a look at that equipment package, and remember that this was '64!

Pictured members:

Alan Simpson
Tirk Wilder
Jim Sparrow
Mike Moody
Dave Groves

If you are in the area, come on down (or up!) this weekend, and say hi to the guys. I'm sure Alan and Mike will be playing, maybe Tirk, who knows?

p.s. Thanks to Mike Mercer for the pic and endless info on the XL's, he's a large part of the later XL's (to be honored later!)

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