Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spoon - Midnight Hour

 Where does Gaston end and Muncie begin?  Go back in time to Wes-Del Junior-Senior High School and you might witness the forming of the "Midnight Hour" band. You could be lucky enough to see the band compete in a "Battle of the Bands" at Indiana Beach. Keep watching and you would be privy to some of those lads morph into "Spoon".

Spoon - for quite some time I didn't know if this band was from Indiana or Ohio. But along came a couple of e*mails from daughters inquiring about "Dad's band". Luckily I had the 45 and could help them hear Spoon.

Spoon was a one 45 wonder, seems like late '68.  Members included:
Larry McCullough
Bill Harris
Marc Mitchell
Mark Coe
Larry Harness
Jerry McCullough

Airtown wasn't known for rock releases, as there are only a scant few on the label. The three I know of are pretty strong though.

So listen and judge for yourselves. "Can't Lose Them All" is the up-tempo party song, then catch "Don't Know What It Is" on the down side as it's the angst song.

Thanks for reading and listening - and stay tuned for the book news!