Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tallys - Tally's - Indianapolis - 1965 - '66

With the addition of bassist Mike Blines, the Cavemen evolved into the Tallys. Starting in Sept. '65, and playing at least thru 1966.
Pictured Left to right:
Jerry Prescott - lead Guitar
Dave Warsham - drums
Jeff Crawford - guitar

The Tallys played the normal college campuses, frat parties, and
as seen in the ad, the Purple Panther (which until today, I didn't know as a teen dance venue).

Now the really cool stuff...
The Tallys traveled to Dayton to make demo tapes at a sound studio there. The demo tapes were picked up by a recording company and told that they could record for that label two weeks later. That would most probably be Prism records. Another Indianapolis band told them that the label had "not good" distribution, and decided to wait awhile. and that while became forever.....

I know that the Noblemen (McCordsville) and the Tribu-Terrys (Rushville) both released 45s on Prism (and maybe the Buckinghams, but I need confirmation on that!), and I'd love to hear the tapes the boys had. Time to step up to the plate and be heard!

***Lord William and The Wisdoms**** anyone? Never even heard a whisper about this (sept.66 ad).

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Velvet Infinity - 1968

The Velvet Infinity, another unknown band, with no leads. The pic is from a early 1968 dance at Northwest High School (34th street in Indianapolis). I'm told that the band was hired, and I assume that they most probably did not attend that school.
Check out the threads, fab gear man! I'm stunned that a band that wanted to be "psychedelic" would be using what looks like a gold top Les Paul and ES 335/345s, so I'll bet these guys had played for some years.

Any ideas, leads, real or imagined, e*mail me and let's get these guys some respect that's due!


Left to right

Steve "Mac" McNally (later of Roadmaster - deceased)
Mike Shepard (drums)
Bob "Tito" Salinas
Mike Milligan
Rex Cruea (bass) deceased also I'm afraid

I'm pretty sure that Rex was from the Kokomo area, the others I don't know yet. Steve should be easy to find info on.


From Mike Milligan - Lead guitar and trombone:

"My name is Mike Milligan. I am the one in the picture of the Velvet Infinity. The information that you have is correct for the most part. The members were Steve "Mac" McNally who later became lead singer for Roadmaster. Mike Shepard was the drummer. Bob"Tito" Salinas was the lead singer. I, Mike Milligan played lead guitar and occasional trombone for effect (notice the trombone case in the picture). That's an Epiphone Casino that I am playing in the picture. Rex Cruea played bass. Rex, Steve and Tito had some incredible vocal harmonies. There as another guy that was in and out of the band playing guitar then organ by the name of Bill Bird. We were from Kokomo and played about every high school in mid central Indiana. We won the Howard county Battle of the Bands in '67 or '68 and then went on to place 3rd or 4th in the state fair competition. We claimed to be the first Psychedelic band in Indiana playing Who, Cream, Hendrix etc. and had a great time and made a lot of memories. Rex and Steve moved to the Bloomington area in the early 70's and formed a band called Nebula Spoon with Ricky Bennick who played guitar for Roadmaster. Steve and Rex have both passed away. I continued playing through the years and did a short tour with the Drifters. My best musical days were in the 90's to 2000 playing with my sons, Michael and Shaun, and a drummer named Don Bunn in a band called Milligan Stew. Thanks for the recognition and God Bless.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monte Carlos '65 Greensburg - Franklin - Columbus

The Monte Carlos, circa 1965. The band formed in late '64 or early '65. I have seen ads that show they played thru '66, don't believe much later though. Played a mix of top 40 and their own songs.

The lineup as the pic shows:

Mike McPherson - Jackson (???) High School - drums
Ron Freeman - Columbus High School - guitar
Arnold Brown - St. Paul High School (Greensburg) - guitar
Drew Wood - Franklin High School - Lead Singer - guitar
Don "Monty" Montgomery - piano - organ - Manager

Pretty darn sure no recording exist for the boys, but a big salute for just doing it!