Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vars - Warsaw Indiana - 1968

 I've known about the Vars for some time, altho I was never able to land a decent copy of the 45. But we in the 60's Indiana Band Szene headquarters have corrected that oversight. Presenting today, for your entertainment, a band that remains unknown, with a fleeting glimpse caught on an aging aural storage device commonly called a 45, the VARS!

Here is what we know from the 45:

The "Commercial Features" label out of Indianapolis, generally did gospel, but released one other teen 45 that we know of. The credit to the VARS has no songwriting info, no publishing, or dates. Not much there.

I did find an ad in Ft. Wayne, at the Hullabaloo Club, that proclaimed "The Vars" - four boys and a girl from Warsaw. Warsaw is about midway between Ft. Wayne and South Bend. Definitely a girl singing on the 45. Mostly about losing the boy, downer songs.
Well that said, let's hear some music!

Never Wanted to Let You Go

The Vars released a 45, more than many, many bands ever did. So lets find these guys and gal and give them the thumbs up for being there and giving it a go!