Friday, July 30, 2010

Dawnells - Update

Been some good info and comments on the Dawnells coming from friends and family. I received a note about this video on YouTube. Great photos and unreleased song all in one!

Special Thanks to Mike Parton for the heads-up on this.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fewdle Lords - Ft Wayne

Late, late 1966, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, the Fewdle Lords are formed. Consisting of:

George Christie - lead Guitar
Denny Geiger - Drums
George Danusis - keyboards
Rich Jackson - Bass

The Fewdle Lords seemed to have a bright future, till tragedy cut short George Christie's life in an auto accident in 1970.

1968 was the year the boys left us this 45.

Farewell to Today and Tomorrow

I Know

Much confusion reigned for years as to the origin of the Fewdle Lords. Many signs pointed to Florida (the Tiara imprint was there at some point). But now the band is confirmed for Indiana status!

Anyone want to toss any stories of the band out there. Has to be much that I don't know.

****Chris at Garage Hangover did a quick piece on the Fewdle Lords. Lots of great info and insight there. I'm pretty sure he has a more detailed story coming. Highly recommended!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Early Mourning - 1968

Time for some music - 1968 style. The Early Mourning recorded this cool 45 on Commercial Features, a label that released dozens of gospel tunes. Other than the writer credit -R. Gasway, I know next to nothing about the band.

Oct 2014 - Woo-hoo, some info flows in from Bob P..
From Brazil, Indiana - the Early Mourning!

Dick Gasway - guitar
Bill Gasway - bass
Bill Sneddon - drums
Francis "Frenchie" Massinon - piano

Thanks Bob!

The Blind Man - Side 1

I've Tried - side 2

Who are you guys?