Monday, August 29, 2011

Sons of Sound - Bloomfield

Today's adventure starts again in Bloomfield, IN., home of Jim Bogans' TAGG (Teen a go-go) Productions. The Sons of Sound hailed from Terre Haute and may have been known as the Checkmates previously.

He's Gonna Ride
So Be It

The "Sons of Sound" played original material, which the one known 45 displays.

Band Members included:(corrected spellings -thanks John D)
Steve Peters - Drums
Bill Peters - bass
Steve Borgman - rhythm guitar
Doug Mason - keyboards
Charlie DiVincenzo - lead guitar

Steve and Bill went on and joined Goliath, a hard rock band that put out at least one LP in the early seventies "Hot Rocks and Thunder". The rest of the team, your guess is as good as mine!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mother's Patroitic Apple Pie - Patriotic

Mother's Patriotic Apple Pie - although it is misspelled as Patroitic on the label. South Bend label, NorG , pronounced N - or - G (energy) no doubt.
I know what I can read on the labels, Dave Anderson and Steve Yeakey credited as being "the pie" and Eugene L. Anderson Jr. , the songwriter and publisher (E.L.A. music BMI). Not much to be sure.
The style screams '64 or early '65, but the zip code on the label almost assures '66 or later.

Wild Vacation
Soul Searching

Wild Vacation has definite surf vibe, but Soul Searching is, well, different.