Thursday, April 21, 2011

Surf Suns - New Haven - Ft. Wayne area

The Surf Suns formed in 1966, a joining of two bands.

From left:
Denny McComb
Mike Kelly
Tony Lello
Phil Himelstein
Jason Liechty

The Surf Suns open for the Lovin' Spoonful and the Association at the Coliseum. Very cool.
In an interview circa 1967, the Surf Suns confided that their ultimate goals were making a record and purchasing a bus to go on a cross-country tour.

I can confirm they made the record!

Still In Love with You Baby
I Can't Stop It Now

I Can't Stop it Now is an original penned by McComb / Kelly.
The flip is a Beau Brummels tune. Maybe you remember the "beau brummelstones" on the Flintstones........maybe not.

Just some record geek musings:

Every copy I have ever seen has the labels reversed. BEN records could possibly be "Billy E. Nix" records, since Nix had a high output on the label.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teen Tones - Mike Ryan

Once upon a long time ago there is the "Teen Tones" with Mike Ryan. Mike hailed from South Bend (translation to non-hoosier - way up north) and the band kept pretty busy before college called.

Mike Ryan - Sax -lead vocal
Tom Hemminger -guitar
Ken Kidder - electric piano /key bass
Lew Kimbal - drums
Roger Lackey - guitar

The Teen-Tones recorded three 45's, with the first in 1963.

Premier IV - 368 (1963)
Long Cold Winter Ahead
Hurtin' and Cryin'

T and T Records (1964)
Do You Want to Dance?
Long Cold Winter Ahead (different version)

Don and Mira (1964)
Poison Ivy
Fortune Teller

Mike went on to the Other Five, Decembers Children, Walking Catfish and Poppa Jazz. Currently with the Souled Out Band (r.i.p. Russell) out of Indianapolis.

Band pics courtesy of Mike Ryan!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Swingin' Surfers - The Questions - Nov. 66

This tiny little ad in the "Indianapolis Star" November '66.
This much is known about the "Swingin' Surfers":

All hailed from Warren Central High School
Danny McMullin - Bass
Roger Carr - Guitar / vocals
Patrick Rafferty - Drums
Steve Griggs - Lead guitar
Jeff Mills - rhythm guitar

Mills and McMullin also played in the "Joys of Life".

This much about "The Questions":
Zip - nothing, can we fix that?