Monday, May 23, 2011

WIFE - Lucky 1300 - Indianapolis - Radio

To a central Indiana kid in the 60's, nothing was mightier than WIFE. They had it all, great DJ's, music, contests, and a signal we could get 40 miles away! AM at it's finest.


This "jingle" mentions a few of the highlights of Indianapolis circa 1963:
Clowes Hall, Garfield Park, James Whitcomb Riley, and of course the Indianapolis 500!

I recall DJ's: Lee Masters, Bruce Hunter, Jay Reynolds, and of course the legendary "Reb Porter".

What do you remember?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oscar & the Majestics - Brad Long - July 2011

News Flash!!!!!! Coming in July 2011, for your consideration:

Oscar & the Majestics - 14 cuts via Sundazed records.

Oscar and the boys cuts some of the most blistering tunes that Indiana has ever witnessed. Expect a nice feature on them on here after the release July 26th!

Brad Long isn't exactly a '60s band legend, but he is a legend among 60's band collectors. Brad composed, and recorded this 1977 release that has it's roots squarely in the 60's that he witnessed growing up. Try finding one for less than $100. Can't be done, until now. Available in July from Sing-Sing records. Brad is a fellow collector, historian, musician, and friend of the blog!

Both of these are a real discount from finding the 45's, trust me. You won't be disappointed!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ballad of Jimmy Bryan - Harry Weger - Indianapolis 500

It's May in Indiana, and all thoughts turn to the Indy 500. Quite a few records have memorialized the race and drivers, so why not have a go here.

Harry Weger had quite a country music career, record producer, and music store owner. He passed away in 2007 at 80 years.

Ballad of Jimmy Bryan
Back Home Again in Indiana

Harry had become close to quite a few drivers and recorded and released this tribute to Jimmy Bryan, 1958 winner who lost his life in a 1960 accident at Langhorn Speedway (Pennsylvania)

Released in 1961 - 4:22 was very long for contemporary 45's. Back Home Again In Indiana needs no introduction for any Hoosier. Wonderful arraignment on this.

Harry Weger also released a 45 on Adair, which was Bryant Wilson's label for his bluegrass output. (Only Adair 45 that I still need - hint hint). Read Harry Weger's obituary here.

Friday, May 6, 2011

the Children - Ft. Wayne 1967

The Children is born of the "Miles Bluffton Blues Band" with one member change. The group spanned 20 years, quite a run.

Gary Sauers - drums
Mike Madrid - bass
Kevin Walsh - rhythm guitar
Cliff Webb - Lead guitar

From Gary:

The Band just is us at age 18 and 19. We were ALL living in a big house in Fort Wayne together. Shared the rent and played in the living room for a practice place. We did gigs and parties in the city and began playing in night clubs. This night club thing was supposed to be a very short thing to get up some money only. We never wanted top play any top Forty stuff. Well, 20 years went by and we were still doing clubs and bars around the city and from time to time out of town. Again, Lots of people knew us, but we never did anything big time.

Special thanks to Gary & Mike for the photo and info!