Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oscar & the Majestics - Brad Long - July 2011

News Flash!!!!!! Coming in July 2011, for your consideration:

Oscar & the Majestics - 14 cuts via Sundazed records.

Oscar and the boys cuts some of the most blistering tunes that Indiana has ever witnessed. Expect a nice feature on them on here after the release July 26th!

Brad Long isn't exactly a '60s band legend, but he is a legend among 60's band collectors. Brad composed, and recorded this 1977 release that has it's roots squarely in the 60's that he witnessed growing up. Try finding one for less than $100. Can't be done, until now. Available in July from Sing-Sing records. Brad is a fellow collector, historian, musician, and friend of the blog!

Both of these are a real discount from finding the 45's, trust me. You won't be disappointed!


Jason Yoder said...

Double Whammy!

Anonymous said...

Great news....just stumbled across this on youtube recently.....dang, cool, cool record. 100% dig it. 1977 huh....well it is currently a double No 1 on the charts a small portion of Minnesota (my garage)