Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sounds Unlimited - Indianapolis

 The Sounds Unlimited was truly a tale of two bands that shot across the Indiana sky and is fondly remembered by fans who requested some info.

In the beginning there was a band, and it was good. The Sounds Unlimited strove for the english beat and a definite change in the look of most bands in the mid '60's. Most bands of the day wore suits and ties to the gigs, but few had to be louder, more colorful, have longer hair, and (gasp!) play songs that weren't on the radio! Shameful as it was, the band stood out in Indy.
Wayne Wilson - drum
Phil Brandt - lead guitar
Steve Foster - rhythm guitar
Ken Mahlke - bass- voice

While most local bands were in the early Beatles mode, the Sounds concentrated on the Yardbirds, Who, and Kinks. The Sounds opened for the likes of  the Byrds, Mitch Ryder, the McCoys, and Sir Douglas Quintet.

The Sounds recorded a few songs in Chicago and Philadelphia, some to be used for an audition for the Monkees TV show that was coming up, that ended up on a Sundazed 4 song EP. Fuzz and interpretation was the formula, and it lasted until November 1966.

Four Score made a name for itself when they won the Young America band contest at the State fair in '66. Terry & John Talbot, Ted DeLang, and Bill (Will) Brecht were soon in a studio recording with Jim Koss and Skeet Bushor (Boys next door) writing and producing. Somehow that recording became credited to the Sounds Unlimited, Bill and Ted were out, and  the band was now:
Steve Foster
Wayne Wilson
Terry Talbot
John Michael Talbot

New musical direction, short hair, and changing times. Mid '69 was the last show for Sounds Unlimited, as the Talbot boys morphed into Mason Proffit, a country rock outfit.

Hear the Sounds Unlimited:

Little Brother  - vocal Bill Brecht
A Girl as Sweet as you - John Michael Talbot

I'm fairly sure the Sundazed 45 is still in print, so I can't share it here.

There is more to the story, so stay tuned!