Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fabulous Squires - 1965

The Fabulous Squires played in Franklin, December 1965. This is a call out to anyone that may know them, any info, real or imagined, welcomed. Just kidding on the imagined part, but it seemed to fit the mood.

Anyone know if Jim Shelton is still out there? Seems like I should get in touch with him.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chain Reactions

The Chain Reactions - another band from the fountain of teen combo's - Ft. Wayne.

Members include:

Rich Loy - Drums
Mark McNeal - Lead guitar
Mike Habig - Rhythm guitar
Steve Kamphues - Vocals
Kenny Parisot - Bass

All the kids were still in high school at the time. As of April '67, The Chain Reactions were preparing to cut a record. Original songs were ready, such as:

What Will Happen Tomorrow
Just Another Day
Stick Around

I don't know if the plans ever came to fruition, but as you know, I'll be looking! Kudos to the boys for the entertainment and hope to hear from you soon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Chosen Few - Shelbyville

For your consideration - from Shelbyville, Indiana, The Chosen Few.
Not the Chosen Few (Muncie) that recorded and had a quite lengthy career. But I'm told these guys at least had the band name first!

Front Row L-R:
Bobby Jones - Guitar
Louie Cover - Bass / vocals
Mike Carr - Rhythm / vocals
Thom Beagle - Drums
Eddie Moore - Lead Vocals / Keyboards

At first glance, I'm floored by the Ventures Mosrite. Not quite the Kay or Harmony that seems most started out with. Wow, I'm still looking for one.

I'm pretty sure that there are no recordings, but as always, we salute the band, and hope we give the recognition that is due.