Monday, April 5, 2010

Chosen Few - Shelbyville

For your consideration - from Shelbyville, Indiana, The Chosen Few.
Not the Chosen Few (Muncie) that recorded and had a quite lengthy career. But I'm told these guys at least had the band name first!

Front Row L-R:
Bobby Jones - Guitar
Louie Cover - Bass / vocals
Mike Carr - Rhythm / vocals
Thom Beagle - Drums
Eddie Moore - Lead Vocals / Keyboards

At first glance, I'm floored by the Ventures Mosrite. Not quite the Kay or Harmony that seems most started out with. Wow, I'm still looking for one.

I'm pretty sure that there are no recordings, but as always, we salute the band, and hope we give the recognition that is due.

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Anonymous said...


This is Bill Harding with the Vlasics. I remember talking to you and your wife The Stone Mug in Broadripple. Nice people you are indeed. The Vlasics will be playing June 18th 2010 at the “Suds” in Greenwood for the Whiteland Barn reunion. The Barn has a web-site at, They contacted us to play the reunion because we were an original W-Barn band. We will be playing the outdoor show with three original members of the Vlasics, Dan Ware, Chris Henricks, my self, and Val Muylle who you met at the Stone Mug will be replacing original Vlacics member Duaine Taylor.

You did fantastic job with the Indiana Band Szene. I hope you and your wife can make it on the 18th. I would love to talk to you again.

Bill Harding
“An old pickle”