Thursday, June 28, 2012

Five Fates - Arlington High School

Sorry no photos or 45's, just great info from John Atkins!

I graduated from Arlington in 1964 and was good friends with Rick Webster, Dan Mclean, and a great guy Johnny Chappelow ( Idle Few). In 1965 we formed a fun but not top of the mill band called "The Five Fates". Reb Porter (WIFE DJ) liked us and got us a lot of gigs.
Five Fates members were:
John Atkins - Rhythm Guitar
Tim Thompson - Lead Guitar
Dana Tygrett - Bass
Frankie McMahon - Drums
Steve Augustin - Vocals.

I got drafted in 1966 and the band kinda fell apart. Ahh, the memories of The Purple Panther - Whiteland Barn - The Flame - Indiana Roof - Claypool Hotel Ball Room - and The Diana Shop at The Meadows.

Wish I had my guitar back with "JOHNNY" in chrome letters that I was forced to sell. It was a good time indeed. By the way the Five Fates are fire, plague, flood, famine, and death. I was fire.

John Atkins


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Teeks - South Bend

Lots of questions tonight folks! From December 1966, an ad from the LaPorte newspaper, featuring The Teeks from South Bend. The burning question #1 - Who are they?

#2 - The Barn - 1260 E. Michigan Blvd - anyone ever spend time there?

Of course we all know about the Hitch-Hikers (Portage), but we still don't know the members!

Thanks as always for all the comments and support. No lead is too small to chase!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Derby's - Shelbyville

Presenting, for your entertainment, The Derby's. Hailing from Shelbyville, IN, the Derby's placed their mark on the szene in 1965.The youth consisted of:

James Branson - Lead singer & Bass
Walt Morris - Drums
Art Edington - Keyboard
John Branson - Guitar

The Derby's didn't record, become famous, or for that matter, change the course of music history. What they did was lead the charge in the small town music szene, and be lucky enough to be able to still play together 40+ years later!

But that would be the last, as April 2012 passed, so did Art Edington. I had the opportunity to meet Art in his music store (Edington Music) a couple of years ago. It was a fascinating couple of hours chatting with a guy that literally was willing to help any and all musicians that passed thru the door.  Bummer.

Thanks to James Branson for the pics! James was a veteran of the Derby's, Medusa, Alexander Drive Band, Skylite, and others.......