Monday, December 31, 2012

The Dug Out - Logansport 1969

From early '69, we have the a wonderful snapshot of a week in Indiana band history.

"Boston Creme Pie", formerly the "Surf Suns" from Ft. Wayne.
-Denny McComb
Tony Lillo
Mike Kelly
Steve Towsley
Jason Liechty

One 45 as the Surf Suns and one rumored as BCP - "She's a fine woman" /?

"Dawn Five" ( see previous post here) The Dawn 5 had a rotation of members as a result of a tragic accident and the ticks of time. At the time the members may have included (but not limited to):
Dave Dunne
Pat Finnegan
Greg Nicoloff
Mike Berkowitz

"Waterproof Candle"  is a band name that may be new to most, but it did include some heavyweight members from Indianapolis bands:
Rob Swaynie
Steve Foster
Wayne Wilson
Michael Rea

"Sun Lightning Inc." has a wonderful history that has been well documented. Formerly known as the "Sangralads", there are two 45's from the band, altho they are largely different band line-ups. A wonderful recollection from Phil Armstrong (founding member and leader) is available here. Thanks to John O. at Artyfacts in Wax blog!

"Sounds Unlimited" were one of the top bands in Indianapolis, but by this time were past their sell-by date as a british invasion oriented band. Steve Foster and Wayne Wilson had left to join the "waterproof candle", and the Talbot brothers were dipping their toes in the "Mason Profitt" sound that soon was created.
One 45 and an EP (Sundazed) was released from earlier tapes found.

A hearty thanks to Brad Long for the poster, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Palisades - Ft. Wayne

The Palisades from Ft. Wayne! Formerly know as the Norsemen, included:

Joe  Minnick - left seated - Drums
Jim Hoot - right seated - bass
Mike Gater - up left - rhythm guitar
Dave Miller - up right - lead guitar

According to "Debi Sollohub" (she had the byline in the article, Ft. Wayne JournalGazette -1967) the boys varied in taste from Dave's "way out stuff" to the other preferring the Yardbyrds (sic) and the Kingsmen.

Of course what caught my eye was the "recently cut a record, and in about two weeks, their first single "The Truth is Out" will be released". And for record collectors like me, that is manna from heaven.
Where is the 45? Did it ever get released? Who has one where? What are the boys up to now?
God Lord, I have such a good time doing this........

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Emblems - Indianapolis 1967

A few years ago, this photo of the Emblems surfaced in the Indianapolis Star (newspaper). And the Emblems were given another shot at fame.
Known members:
Greg Anderson
Ted Volkert
Chris Browning
Tom Adams

Two 45's on the Lamia label - 1967 - are evidence that the Emblems could hold their own with many bands!

Lamia 1546
Hold On, I'm Coming - That Girl of Yours

Lamia 1547
We're Gonna Love - Lumberjack Jack

Hold On is a cover of a Sam & Dave tune, and of course We're Gonna Love is a cover of the mighty "Sir Winston & the Commons" of Indianapolis, how cool is that! Chris Browning was the vocal of  "We're Gonna Love", and Greg Anderson is listed as the vocal of  "That Girl of Yours".

These guys have to have a great story, we need to find it. And then we'll get it out to be enjoyed by all!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Unpredictables - Evansville

 From Evansville, way down south, we present the Unpredictables. Hard to find any info on this band, although we know where and when they did their thing.

From the 45 we have band members:
 Scott (Scott Sublett).

The lone EP is all cover tunes, recorded at Guild Craft Studios, Hammond Indiana, 1968.

Hear them now - sorry about the quality of the sound, very noisy pressing!

Ninety-nine and a half - Knock on Wood

It was a very good year - my girl

Of course the photo shows seven band members......any idea who is who?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Turks - Evansville

The Turks, Evansville, Indiana circa 1967.
The Turks released several 45's on the P.D.B. label that included:

111-112 Dianne - Baja
112-114 Hide Away - Wipeout
211-212 Love Can Never Hurt You (Just Break Your Heart)It's So Good

Other than the "R. Snodgrass" as the writer, I have no other leads on these guys! Jason@Indiana45's once told me that the "Young Turks" on the Dash label (Chicago) was the same group. at this point I don't know!
I'll add Diane and Baja when I find that 45, I have it somewhere in this mess!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ravens - Ft. Wayne

Presenting, by request, the fabulous Raven's. Calling Ft. Wayne home, all were from New Haven High School.

Paul Hobenstein - bass
Ben Berry - rhythm guitar
Mort Mckee -guitar
Carl Berry - drums

Although the Raven's professed to lean toward the folk end of the music szene, at the time of this photo, the Beatles "Day Tripper" was their favorite tune of the time. Beatles and Byrds were the inspiration for the moniker "Raven's".

Using the newspaper as evidence, the Raven's cut 2 sides for a 45 to be released in September '67. "For You" & "In the Rain".  if anyone has any idea if these were released, please let me know!
There was a 45 released in '66, from a South Bend group of Ravens! No relation, and no I don't have it at this writing either (although I will get it and the picture sleeve it was released with!)

Till next time friends!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tikis - Syracuse -

This was to be the story of the Tikis, from the nothern Indiana town of Syracuse. Still is, but with a sad story inserted. Singer - bass player Ric Workman passed away yesterday, very suddenly. I had just recently met Ric thru e*mails and a quick phone conversation during the holiday week. He was stoked about his "Geri Attrix Band" and gigs, and was preparing a history of the Tikis for me to share here. Busy guy, and many will miss him!

The TIKIS formed in 1963, mostly as a instrumental surf band.
Band pic 1 - left to right:
Ric Workman - bass
Bob Folger - guitar
R.T. Seafoss - drums
Jameson Mauzy - guitar

In late '66 the TIKIS recorded a 45 that has landed on a few comps.
The band pic 2 shows the incarnation that recorded:

Pat Loo - guitar
Ric Workman - bass
Dave Webster - drums
Brad Bauer - keyboards
Bob Folger - guitar

Hear the songs here!
Show Your Love 
Careful What You Say

Wish I had more to share, but Jason has a nice history on Indiana 45's, written I think by Dave Webster. Check it out here! 

Fujimo records has an interesting history and quite a few good bands have 45's from that Elkhart operation. I can say that Ric informed me that the TIKIS on Universal Sound (Rockin' Robin / Shaketown) was a different band.

Rest in peace Ric, my pleasure to meet you, and heartfelt condolences to your family. 


Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Endd - LaPorte - seacape

 The Endd from LaPorte. If any other band had an output as strong as this, they would be a household name in the Indiana 60's band narrative. But sadly, no.
Any info on the Endd is scarce, this is what we do know:
Russ Sanders - writer - publisher of most Seascape run. Deceased for quite a while.

What is speculated:
Russ Sanders - lead singer
Larry Anderson - bass

Not much to go on eh? Look up the address on the label, and you find a home that has been there since the mid '30s. All the Seascape 45's have Sanders involvement, so MAYBE it was his label, at this address.

Seascape discography (known releases):

#500 - So Sad / Emancipation (as the End)
#501 - Project Blue / Out of my Hands
#502 - Black Blues / Feeling (The Zoo from Michigan?)
#503 - Gonna send you back to your mother / Don't it make you feel like cryin'
#504 - Come on into my world / this is really Zoo plus two
#507 - Stop / One Down Seventeen More to Go ( Credited to Phase II Productions)

Where are #505 & #506? Is Phase II Productions a later Endd reincarnation? Why were the Zoo on this label? Any answers, ideas, real or imagined, please help us out!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Five Fates - Arlington High School

Sorry no photos or 45's, just great info from John Atkins!

I graduated from Arlington in 1964 and was good friends with Rick Webster, Dan Mclean, and a great guy Johnny Chappelow ( Idle Few). In 1965 we formed a fun but not top of the mill band called "The Five Fates". Reb Porter (WIFE DJ) liked us and got us a lot of gigs.
Five Fates members were:
John Atkins - Rhythm Guitar
Tim Thompson - Lead Guitar
Dana Tygrett - Bass
Frankie McMahon - Drums
Steve Augustin - Vocals.

I got drafted in 1966 and the band kinda fell apart. Ahh, the memories of The Purple Panther - Whiteland Barn - The Flame - Indiana Roof - Claypool Hotel Ball Room - and The Diana Shop at The Meadows.

Wish I had my guitar back with "JOHNNY" in chrome letters that I was forced to sell. It was a good time indeed. By the way the Five Fates are fire, plague, flood, famine, and death. I was fire.

John Atkins


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Teeks - South Bend

Lots of questions tonight folks! From December 1966, an ad from the LaPorte newspaper, featuring The Teeks from South Bend. The burning question #1 - Who are they?

#2 - The Barn - 1260 E. Michigan Blvd - anyone ever spend time there?

Of course we all know about the Hitch-Hikers (Portage), but we still don't know the members!

Thanks as always for all the comments and support. No lead is too small to chase!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Derby's - Shelbyville

Presenting, for your entertainment, The Derby's. Hailing from Shelbyville, IN, the Derby's placed their mark on the szene in 1965.The youth consisted of:

James Branson - Lead singer & Bass
Walt Morris - Drums
Art Edington - Keyboard
John Branson - Guitar

The Derby's didn't record, become famous, or for that matter, change the course of music history. What they did was lead the charge in the small town music szene, and be lucky enough to be able to still play together 40+ years later!

But that would be the last, as April 2012 passed, so did Art Edington. I had the opportunity to meet Art in his music store (Edington Music) a couple of years ago. It was a fascinating couple of hours chatting with a guy that literally was willing to help any and all musicians that passed thru the door.  Bummer.

Thanks to James Branson for the pics! James was a veteran of the Derby's, Medusa, Alexander Drive Band, Skylite, and others.......

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brand X - two is better than one

 This 45 has been on the radar for quite some time. A couple of Motown hit covers, probably 1968. Jason had a hit with a member that claimed they attended "Penn High School", South Bend, IN, but we don't have any names. 

Stop in the Name of Love
Come On Home

Showed up on Ebay a few times, then seemed to dry up.

While searching for Brand X, I happened upon a 1966 band of no relation.

Don Douglas
Rob Swaynie
Jack Verstijnen
Mike Couchman

Ron was in quite a few mid 60's Indianapolis based bands including:
Clarence Brown Memorial String Band
The Urge
Waterproof Candle
and many more.
Alas, this Brand X did not make the later recordings.
Another mystery to be solved!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Whiteland Barn Reunion - one last time

Saturday is the FINAL installment of the Whiteland Barn reunions.  This is a great opportunity to come and see a great band  - BVD - and meet some of the musicians that made the 'Barn one of the most famous venues in the early '60s. Did I mention that the Ventures played the Whiteland Barn?

 Expected guests:

Keith Phillips - Keetie of Keetie & the Kats - generally known as the house band of the 'Barn
Ronnie Haig (Hege) -
Larry Goshen - Historian & musician - Crowns & more
Dan Ware - Vlasics
Bill Harding - Vlasics
Chris Henricks -Vlasics
Val Muylle - Good Cheer - BVD
Jerry Lee Williams - Crowns
Ron VanLandingham - the reason the reunions exist at all!
Don Holt - Whiteland Barn owner

And hopefully many more I can't name here! Don't miss this opportunity to see guys and gals that lead the parade at the Whiteland Barn!

And faithful readers, if anyone can help with a Whiteland Barn chronology, we are attempting to get one together. Tragically, a fire wiped out all the records, photos, and memorabilia of the 'Barn. The "Dawn Five" ad is from March '67, altho I'm leaning towards an early '68 shutdown, I'm not certain and would like to have it documented.

Did I mention the Ventures played the 'Barn? And the Amimals, and Jerry lee Lewis!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Dynamic Apollos - South Bend

I love this job! Come home from work, fire up the e*mail and:

"They (Dynamic Apollos) were active in Indiana in the mid-60s and recorded this demo in1965 in Gary, IN. They eventually toured Europe and played the Star Club in Hamburg where the Beatles got their start."

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Dynamic Apollos from South Bend!

Ned Farry - guitar
Albee Bearman - organ
Tom "Duck" Drake -  drums
Jim Alexis - bass and lead vocals

I'm checking any connection to the Apollos that recorded on Orlyn. Probably not, but worth checking out!
Special thanks to Mike Alexis for the heads up and tribute to his Dad's band!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Indiana Beach - Monticello, Indiana

The Indiana Beach amusement park was quite the szene in the 60's. Check out this slice of history, August '68, and look at the treasure of bands that performed there. For three bucks or less, you could be rockin' to the likes of the:

Cryan' Shames - Illinois band with hit record "Sugar & Spice" altho the flip "Ben Franklin's Almanac" is the superior tune! Several 45's released.

Stamp Machine - unknown

Iron Butterfly - San Diego, CA - a world away from Indiana in the '60's. In-a-gadda-da-vida could have been the whole set!

REO Speedwagon - Illinois - not the mid '70's powerhouse with Gary Richrath yet.

SRC - Scott Richard Case - Detroit - several 45's recorded

Rituals - unknown - common band name

Brand X - Could be one of two known bands. One recorded a great 45 on Steel-Breeze, two motown tunes from a Chicago(?) band, or an Indianapolis band that included Rob Swaynie

Guess Who - Canadian - if you don't know these guys, I can't help you.

Cavaliers - Several to chose from also. Could be the one from Greenwood.

Basooties - One 45 on Muffin - Gary, IN label. General wisdom is Indiana based band.

For $3 you could see Iron Butterfly AND REO Speedwagon - where have all the good time gone?

Thanks Brad Long for the flyer!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Swagmen - Mishawaka

1802 W. 6th Street Mishawaka, Indiana, the address of the short-lived Americana imprint. The band, The Swagmen, left plenty of clues on the label, but are so far unknown.

Who are "B. Trace - Wagner - Abrams - Phillips"? Brian Kough? Anyone? I have found many bands with much less to go on.

What I do know is that the a-side - "Mendocino" - was released by the Sir Douglas Quintet in December '68. Credited here to "Doug Sahn", maybe that wasn't the only typo on the label.

Mendocino - groovy cover, sounds like a talented bar band.
So Long Baby - original tune I'm guessing, interesting.

Fire up those brain cells friends, we have a band to find!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Glass Dagger - Logansport

Behold the Glass Dagger! Another entry from Logansport.

Terry Fry - vocal
John Goodrich - guitar
Tom Minniear - bass
Dave (J. D.) Hatton - Drums

These photos and names graciously contributed by Brad Long of Logansport. Brad has amassed a spectacular history of the bands of Logansport, and I thank him for his assistance in making 60's indiana band szene a groovy place to read about the bands.

Cameros - Logansport

Hailing from Logansport, Indiana, meet the Cameros.

John Wingo - guitar - vocals
Jon Schirm - guitar - vocals
Kenny Holcomb - bass - vocals
Tom Morehead - drums - vocals

Since the Chevrolet Camaro was introduced in late 1966, we can assume that these lads came after that.

This photo and names graciously contributed by Brad Long of Logansport. Brad has amassed a spectacular history of the bands of Logansport, and I thank him for his assistance in making 60's indiana band szene a groovy place to read about the bands.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Peabody Soul Foundation - Company 1968

We found your Blog Google-ing 1960's Ft. Wayne bands. My boyfriend was in a popular band back in the late 60's to early 70's called the Peabody Soul Foundation. The band members were:
Rick Parker - drums
Jerry Hogan - bass
Dave Bodiker (sp) -guitar

Booking Agent was Mark Cooper. They played the Swinging Gate, Hullabaloo Club, national guard armory and backed up Classics IV at the Swinging Gate, amongst others. Also competed in many 'Battle of the Bands'. Maybe you can find some of the fliers or the news paper article I know there was one. Love your site it was a real trip down memory lane.
Keep up the good work,
Anne Marie"

This is the kind of lead I love. The Swinging Gate was a huge deal in Ft. Wayne, circa late '60s. I'm 99 and 44/100ths sure that the Peabody Soul Company is the same as the Foundation. Time to get us some stories of the band to share Rick!

The 10 Fantastics Perfections (from Louisville) is actually "Ronnie and the Rascals" from Indy! This happened quite a lot!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Satan's Sinners

How could a band named "Satan's Sinners" go wrong. One would expect a wild grooving tune. Maybe even a song about debauchery or the misplaced pleasures of the wrong side of the tracks. What we have is a unusual a-side and the basic ballad b-side. I believe that the 45 is from 1966 based on the pressing plant info available.
Who are they? From the label info:
A. Bennett - vocals
B. Eakins - vocals
L. Smith - vocals

Heck, let's hear some songs and let us know who "Satan's Sinners" are!
T. T. Termiter
Why don't they leave us alone

Our mission, should we decide to accept it, who are they?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Galabooches - Northern Indiana

The Galabooches. I had almost forgotten about the Galabooches when I received an inquiry about a 45 for sale. I didn't have an extra, and it turns out her father (band member) didn't have one either. I find this is not unusual. Time is our friend and is certainly a pack-rat.

The Galabooches were comprised of:

Lonnie Lawson - Drummer
Thelmer Lawson - Lead Singer
Martin Pickett -
Hector Hogan -
Gary Brewer -

The Galabooches left us a great 45, with a rockin' go away girl song, backed with a broken love ballad.

I'll Never Work Out <--click to play!
She Doesn't Care <--click to play!

The band should have left us more material! The Galabooches defied sleuthing for over 45 years, and I'm proud to have them here! Let's get some comments going to show the appreciation!

This just in! Photo shows brothers Thelmer and Lonnie in the background at drumset. Nice gear!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Wow, can you believe we have 5 years under our belts! I thank all the bands and readers for keeping it going. I have many, many more bands in waiting, and believe me, they look forward to the comments and recollections of the time.

To add to your need for 60"s Indiana Band info, please check out:
Indiana 60's Garage Bands at Facebook
Kim Bowman of the "Walking Stycks" started it a few days ago, and I think we should make it the place to go (after here of course!) for 60's Indiana Band info!

Thanks again to all the bands / band members that I've had the pleasure of writing about, met, talked with or swapped e*mails with over the years, it's been a blast!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Shillings - Ft. Wayne

The Shillings - another story of a band that I know nothing about, save that they were from Ft. Wayne, circa 1967.
Pretty interesting promo shot with a collection of odd artifacts, with seemingly no rhyme nor reason.

Our mission, identify these guys. They need to be remembered, as maybe they went on to greatness elsewhere!

Thanks to Wil of the Jersey Chains for the generous use of the photo!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Beat Generation - Ft. Wayne

Trying to get the stage lights to flash with the beat gave rise to the "Beat Generation"! Didn't work, but hey, they tried. Mostly high school kids from Ft. Wayne, circa 1967.

Mike Rontfrow - organ
John Gall - bass
Don Squires - Rhythm guitar
Steve Leakey - Drums
Tom Romine - lead guitar

The Beat Generation favored songs that have a lot of harmony, favorite groups include the Who and Indy's Sounds Unlimited.
The Beat Generation had plans for a 45 and were in "negotiations"
with Tiara (Fewdle Lords) and Motown labels. Don't think that bore any fruit.

Give them a hand for livin' the dream in the 60's!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sir Winston and the Commons

Happy New Year 2012!
John Gillis introduces Sir Winston and the Commons, Vogue Theater Reunion Show 2004:

"Sir Winston and the Commons originally formed in 1963. The members of the band consisted of Don Basore from Northwest High School, Joe Stout and Gary Crawford from Ben Davis High School and John Medvescek and Ron Matelic from the old Cathedral High School. Don played bass, Gary and Ron played guitars, Joe played sax and John was the drummer. The band’s first name was The Illusions, but was soon changed to The Suspicions. Their repertoire at that time consisted mainly of instrumental surf music and other classics such as Honky Tonk and Harlem Nocturne. Their first shows were at parties, VFW dances, and promotions for Paul Harvey Ford and Dog & Suds drive in. With the advent of the British invasion in 1964, the band, like everyone else, assimilated the new British sound. The surf sound and instrumentals were eventually dropped in favor of the current chart toppers of the day, and Herb Crawford from Speedway High School replaced Gary Crawford on guitar. A new booking agent who wanted to capitalize on the ever growing English musical dominance suggested that the band’s name be changed to Sir Winston and the Commons. For several years, they played a number of college fraternity dances and were fortunate enough to have all the local teen venues like Party Time, The Flame Club, the House of Sound, Westlake Beach Club, Tiger a’GoGo, the Scene, the Indiana Roof Ballroom, and the Whiteland barn, to perform for the Indianapolis teen crowd.

They enjoyed local success and even chartered buses with friends and fans to several dates at The Cellar, a club in the Chicago area. They opened national shows for the McCoys, Beach Boys and Byrds and as they began to write and perform more original material, they recorded 2 singles “We’re Gonna Love” and “Not the Spirit of India”.

Through the remaining 1960’s, the band member count diminished from 5 to 4 and eventually to 3. The group finally discontinued performing as Sir Winston in 1970."

Just about covers all the bases for the band. They were known as the wild guys with costumes and Joe with the cape. This is one of the bands with the least amount of personnel changes over the years.

Sir Winston and the Commons recorded some great tunes and released 2 45's!
We're Gonna Love / Come Back Again - Soma 1454 (1966)
Not the Spirit of India / One Last Chance - Nauseating Butterfly 2207 (1967)

Also recorded during the Soma sessions were two unreleased songs

All Of The Time & No Sorrow - I'll only put up clips as these are for sale on the Norton records website. Hell, if I put up all the songs, who will buy the records?

Of course we previously covered Sir Winston and the Commons involvement with Rojay Gotee.

I've had more requests for this band than any other so far, so get the comments and additions in gear, and let them know they are remembered!