Monday, April 30, 2012

Dynamic Apollos - South Bend

I love this job! Come home from work, fire up the e*mail and:

"They (Dynamic Apollos) were active in Indiana in the mid-60s and recorded this demo in1965 in Gary, IN. They eventually toured Europe and played the Star Club in Hamburg where the Beatles got their start."

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Dynamic Apollos from South Bend!

Ned Farry - guitar
Albee Bearman - organ
Tom "Duck" Drake -  drums
Jim Alexis - bass and lead vocals

I'm checking any connection to the Apollos that recorded on Orlyn. Probably not, but worth checking out!
Special thanks to Mike Alexis for the heads up and tribute to his Dad's band!

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michael vee said...

another awesome doublesided gem..... thanks a lot!