Thursday, May 17, 2012

Whiteland Barn Reunion - one last time

Saturday is the FINAL installment of the Whiteland Barn reunions.  This is a great opportunity to come and see a great band  - BVD - and meet some of the musicians that made the 'Barn one of the most famous venues in the early '60s. Did I mention that the Ventures played the Whiteland Barn?

 Expected guests:

Keith Phillips - Keetie of Keetie & the Kats - generally known as the house band of the 'Barn
Ronnie Haig (Hege) -
Larry Goshen - Historian & musician - Crowns & more
Dan Ware - Vlasics
Bill Harding - Vlasics
Chris Henricks -Vlasics
Val Muylle - Good Cheer - BVD
Jerry Lee Williams - Crowns
Ron VanLandingham - the reason the reunions exist at all!
Don Holt - Whiteland Barn owner

And hopefully many more I can't name here! Don't miss this opportunity to see guys and gals that lead the parade at the Whiteland Barn!

And faithful readers, if anyone can help with a Whiteland Barn chronology, we are attempting to get one together. Tragically, a fire wiped out all the records, photos, and memorabilia of the 'Barn. The "Dawn Five" ad is from March '67, altho I'm leaning towards an early '68 shutdown, I'm not certain and would like to have it documented.

Did I mention the Ventures played the 'Barn? And the Amimals, and Jerry lee Lewis!

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