Monday, February 23, 2015

Pure Ounce - Bloomington

We don't have much info from Bloomington, although it's a college town with some topnotch music venues that have been around for some time. Maybe I'll get to the newspaper archives and get some names and start the ball rolling. Hell, maybe someone else has done it and I haven't ran into them yet. But anyway, focus, focus.......

When you name your band "Pure Ounce", there can be little doubt as to the musical and "other" influences that may have been in play. The band hailed from Bloomington, and recorded a lone 45, on the Trump label out of Louisville.

This beat-up 45 has many redeeming qualities. The previous owner "Lisa" like to document her 45's, bless her heart. Behold the b-side - Open your Eyes, Lisa scribbled 1969 under the Trump script. Lisa also tells me that Jerry Chastain was the singer. Lisa writes Danny Mullis is also part of the band, and on the A-side - Lisa declares "Lisa & Danny", and something else I can't make out. But hey, it's helpful.

PRP pressing info shows that this should be a 1970 release, although info is pretty sketchy, it may be 1969, and the music style would fit that. Jerry Chastain is close, it was Jerry Chasteen - lead guitar and vocals. Terry Kluesner - vocals and keys - is also confirmed in the band. Danny Mullis (and that could be misspelled also) may have been a member or just Lisa's squeeze at the time.

The 45 have a good vibe, solid guitar work from Jerry, Terry give the keys a tasteful showing without going into the noodling psych mode. The vocal harmony is a bit weak, but if you were listening to a band called "Pure Ounce", you may have had found some "enhancement" anyway!

Jerry & Terry, w/ Don Crum and Dave Kluesner, released an LP in 1975.

Showtime - everybody's favorite part - let's hear some songs! 

Beyond Reality / Open Your Eyes

Enjoy the offering, comment if you can, and thanks to all who have stayed with us all these years. We started in February 2007 and look forward to getting the bands their due in 2015.