Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Creepers - Terre Haute

The Creepers from Terre Haute!

Willard (Junior) Sollars Jr. - Lead Guitar / songwriter
Frank Hensley - singer / songwriter
William Wood - rhythm guitar
Johnny Ford - drums

The Creepers waxed two great songs on Rene' 502:

Jammin' Granny
Fried Potatoes

Written by Junior and Frank, the 45 has been so in demand that a reissue (unauthorized) is out there in Ebay-land. There is rumored to be two lp's worth of material in the vaults! Woo-Hoo!

I've been blessed with tons of info on the band, but in the interest of fair play, I'll point out some sites with band involvement, and I'm sure Justin will do a complete story on the Creepers. But for now, enjoy the tunes!

Creepers - Facebook
Creepers - MySpace
Creepers - Justin's Blog

Check 'em out and let them know they are remembered! Looking forward to the whole story Justin!

Thanks William for the pics and time on the telephone!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Olivers - last chapter - maybe......

The Olivers are always one of the most popular groups in the 60's Indiana Band Szene. And this installment must herald good news. Yes friends, it does! The legend of the "lost" album is now officially no longer a legend.

Not only has an acetate* of the album been found, it is in the hands of a historian / collector that hopefully will be able to release it in the near future.

I know, where is the music? If I put it all up here, who will buy the album? Here is a clip of what's in store:

Olivers - Kaleidoscope

For great info and interviews from Jay, Mike, and Rick, check out:

60's Garage Bands

Visit Mike's site and let him know that you support a release!

Last Chapter - how about a live tape? Roger that!