Friday, September 30, 2016

Tyrone & the Upsetters - Ft. Wayne - Gateway Records

Ok, let's get back in the groove! I've been away for quite a bit, and even contemplated just erasing this whole thing. But what the hell, complainers be damned, full speed ahead.

Tonight we present "Tyrone & the Upsetters" from beautiful
Ft. Wayne. The only names I've ever found associated with the band are:
Don Ganaway
Thomas Brownlee ( I believe he is the second from left in the pic).

The Upsetters released a 45 on Gateway Records, which has Ft. Wayne listed on the label. I'm almost certain Gateway was a label promoted by a department store in the area. The Upsetters check in at #308 and I also have a 45 of the Impostors (sic) at #333. So could there be 33 or more releases on the label, or just some oddball numbering? We may never know........

So the fans are waiting for the tunes, right? Let's hear 'em now!

Running Hot - credited to the Upsetters
That's Not Love - Tyronne & the Upsetters

Tyronne is the spelling on the label, but the promo pic shows Tyrone. I'm just glad I can track it that far. Any other info gladly accepted!