Saturday, July 27, 2013

Basooties - Valparasio

There are bands that become legends, for better or worse, and there are bands that should have been remembered as darn fine bands.
The Basooties are largely forgotten and that is a shame. We will try to rectify that situation, as our readers (about 300 a week!) appreciate quality!
Suspected band members:
Will Jenkins - lead guitar
Terry Handley - lead throat
Dennis Maloney - drums
Jerry Carden - rhythm guitar / vocals
Danny Evanoff - keyboards / vocals
Jerry Wheat - bass

The Basooties recorded a great 45 in '67, with covers of Curtis Mayfield, and Frank Zappa. Many bands covered soul and R&B tunes  ( grab your woman, it's slow dance time!) but, I don't recall any Zappa tunes being on the radar.

Click on the tunes to enjoy!

I'm So Proud
You Didn't Try to Call Me 

Bonus treat!
Will Jenkins has a youtube video of the b-side( You Didn't Try To Call me) featuring some band photos and some video! Highly recommended!

Special thanks to Jason and his Indiana 45's website for the band member names!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Swingin' Stingrays - Elkhart - Fujimo

Somewhere in Elkhart - just east of South Bend, a band spouted and bloomed - The Swingin' Stingrays! Before the British Invasion sound, the frat - Blues Brothers - soul type of thing ruled. Great for dancing and getting that "special" girl.
The Swingin' Stingrays released one 45, and "perhaps" a second.....

Tom Tom
Teen Queen

There may also be a second 45 with "Searchin'" and "Big Fat Woman", but alas, I don't have it.

And up for more input / debate: the members:

Wilbur Richie is certain, sadly he passed away in the early 80's.
Rex has been fingered as Maze, Mays, and most recently, Masterson. 
Paul, Pat & Rick (in the 1965 promo pic) remain unknown. The Swingin' Stingrays reportedly formed in 1958 and lasted until at least 1968 as evidenced by the Top Deck newspaper ad, circa August 68'.

60's Indiana band Szene team, you have been very good at filling in the blanks, and I need help here. Let's get these guys the due they deserve and get some recognition here!

Thanks to the late Bill Wagoner (of US Male - Warsaw, IN) and Terry Turner for the inspiration and tunes!