Saturday, July 27, 2013

Basooties - Valparasio

There are bands that become legends, for better or worse, and there are bands that should have been remembered as darn fine bands.
The Basooties are largely forgotten and that is a shame. We will try to rectify that situation, as our readers (about 300 a week!) appreciate quality!
Suspected band members:
Will Jenkins - lead guitar
Terry Handley - lead throat
Dennis Maloney - drums
Jerry Carden - rhythm guitar / vocals
Danny Evanoff - keyboards / vocals
Jerry Wheat - bass

The Basooties recorded a great 45 in '67, with covers of Curtis Mayfield, and Frank Zappa. Many bands covered soul and R&B tunes  ( grab your woman, it's slow dance time!) but, I don't recall any Zappa tunes being on the radar.

Click on the tunes to enjoy!

I'm So Proud
You Didn't Try to Call Me 

Bonus treat!
Will Jenkins has a youtube video of the b-side( You Didn't Try To Call me) featuring some band photos and some video! Highly recommended!

Special thanks to Jason and his Indiana 45's website for the band member names!


Anonymous said...

It was a big hit on WLTH in Gary back in those days (early '68, I'm thinking?)

Tiffany said...

This is gorgeous!

Steve Miller said...

Nice video. Not too many bands would cover a tune from Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention!

Will Jenkins of the Basooties said...

It was a great time for live music.
There were many Teen clubs and Rock bars and they were always packed with beautiful people. The peace movement was on. Our friends were being lied to daily about what was going on in the vietnam war. A lot of young lives were lost for no good reason. Our music reflected the unity of the changing ideas. We were constantly being stopped and searched by local police as we toured the midwest.

douglas said...

Dennis Mallonee is my cousin, he used to let me drive his Ford Falcon to N Judson for shows, before I had my license. Great guy!

douglas said...

Dennis Mallonee is my cousin, he used to let me drive his Falcon to Basootie shows in IN, before I had my license, back in '66. Great guy!

Anonymous said...

Jerry Wheat is my cousin whom I’ve long lost contact with some 40+ years ag as I’ve lived out here in Washington Stateso long. Never forget going with him to a showatsome high school dance & helping set up with him.1967? Would love to contact him. If anyone knows how to contact him, please tell him his cousin Bruce Hamphton would treasure catching up via email... Thanks, Bruce Hamphton

Unknown said...

Bruce Hampton, I am a friend of Jerry. He is still in Valpo. Are you on facebbook? I could message you his phone number.

Unknown said...

Hi Bruce, I am friends with Jerry. He is still in Valpo. I will make sure he gets in touch with you.

Unknown said...

The color photo list band members as incorrect. Person holding a piece of paper in front of the microphone was Gary Schepper.

Will Hobbs said...

I grew up in South Bend and went to Purdue. The Basooties were my favorite local band at the time. I recall shows in both South Bend and West Lafayette, and thought the Basooties were great. They did a version of Louie Louie that was hilarious (it was a putdown of people who always requested that bands play that song). It is great to hear them again!

Unknown said...

Was there a song by them titled Vivian?