Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Madison Square Patch - Huntertown - 1967

"Sherman, set the wayback machine to Sept. 2, 1967, destination Ft. Wayne."
"But Mr. Peabody, history hasn't shown anything extraordinary that day"
"Ah Sherman, the only appearance of the Madison Square Patch at the Hullabaloo is sadly undocumented, we must right that wrong"

If you don't know Sherman and Mr.Peabody, then the dialog makes no sense to you, but the facts are facts, the Madison Square Patch - from Huntertown, Indiana , a few miles north of Ft. Wayne, remain unknown. After looking at years of club dates, this is the only reference i have ever found of this band.

Any ideas, any fond memories, any police records, anything?


Anonymous said...

i graduated from Huntertown high
in 1967. The only band I remember
from that small town of 500 people
is, The Threats.

Anonymous said...

That band consisted of Dave Schultz, Craig Felger, Fred Ringler, Gary Englehart, they made one record as the Threats. On Orion records,
New Feelin and Pretend

Anonymous said...

Correction: Orlyn records

Anonymous said...

Jeoff Benward was the lead singer for Madison Square Patch. I don't recall if the band stayed together after the members had graduated high school circa 1970. Jeoff has a Wikipedia entry regarding his singing career from the early 70's to present (see link).