Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tribu-Terrys ride again!

You have to love google. A search for family history leads a band to us, and The Tribu-Terrys are uncovered.
Terry Vandiver - Guitar /Vocals
Bud Schenk - Keyboards
John Carter - Guitar
Hollis Heuer - Drums
Bruce English - Bass

The 1st rock band from Rushville, Indiana, the Tribu-Terrys
started in '63 as an instrumental combo, Terry & John added Bob Duff on bongos (!) and the Tribu-Terrys were born. You might have heard "walk, don't run" as you dined at Barbara's Steak House , Shelbyville, 1963, as the bands first gig.

Jim Shelton (WIBC dj and personality) agreed to help the band, but insisted that vocals became part of the show. Adding keyboards, bass, and embracing the Beatles, Stones, and Beach Boys, they traveled throughout central Indiana as a popular attraction through '66.

The Tribu-Terrys recorded one 45 on Prism (Dayton, OH label), details are fuzzy on how they ended up there, but hear the results:

My Shadow is You
Leavin' To Stay

The Tribu-Terrys are gearing up for a reunion show August 1st, 2009 in Rushville, Indiana. Plans include playing from 5-9 pm at Riverside park behind the old Miller (now Daddy's) Drive-in.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update - Ronnie & the Rascals! New photos

Ronnie & the Rascals hs been updated with a couple great pics and news on the band members. Special kudos to Bob Brown. Check out his great photography website. I love it!