Thursday, January 16, 2014

SMAK - Indianapolis

Sometimes the most obscure bands yield the most interesting stories. SMAK is one of those bands. Look at the photo, bass player in kabuki makeup and that 'fro! Drummer with the kit a bit low, and dig the guitar player with, well, the look and late 60's hippie gear. (I'm a guitar geek and I love that axe!) *Note - Gene e*mailed and told me that he was NOT wearing make-up, he's just a natural night-owl! At least he laughed!*

Introducing SMAK:
Darrel Rose - drums
Dan Agriostathes - guitar
Gene Cothron - Bass

Darrel showed up earlier in the blog -the Emperors - to which Gene responded "Darrel Rose was the drummer for Smak, later on. Later still, he opened the D.Rose chain of video stores in and around Indy."  And that opened the door to SMAK. Gene didn't mention that he also was part of SMAK, but later he confessed that he was guilty. Dan was previously in "Dan & the Del Tones" and later "squidd" (which is another interesting story).

Showtime! Darrel said I could use the tunes, which may or may not have been released, details are fuzzy! The recordings were made at Ohmit's Studio, East 10th St. in Indy.

Side 1
Side 2

Listen and enjoy the un-named tunes from the band. Look for a follow-up soon!
Thanks Darrel for the tunes and photo!