Monday, November 26, 2007

Dawn 5 - Dawn Five - Indianapolis, Indiana 1966

The mighty Dawn 5, once one of the local favorites, and sadly, least known bands of the 1965-'67 era. They stayed together long enough to give us a great 45, just enough info to keep interest up, including an interview in the Indianapolis Teen Tempo magazine,(that I don't have yet) and then disappeared from the scene. More than a couple of the bands I have interviewed admitted the Dawn Five were the best musicians out there. Who am I to disagree? But, who were they, what else did they do, and where are they now?

They were:

Mike Nicoloff
Greg Nicoloff
Dave Dunne
Dave McKnown
Steve Benham

Listen to the truly dazzlin' Necessary Evil right now, and tell me where these guys are!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Holidays - Franklin - 1966

This is another of the totally unknown, who are you posts. Playing July 3rd, 1966. I'd love to come across a schedule or accounting ledger from Scott Hall. Maybe, Christmas is coming you know!.

Any members of the Holidays, please check-in, we are waiting to salute you.

Henchmen - Camp Atterbury - 1966

Here's a cool pic of the Henchmen, August '66. A group from the Camp Atterbury Job Corps, shown playing at the Lions Club fish fry. I've read about bands from foster homes, the Sangralads from a boys home, but never have seen a band from the job corps. Pretty cool eh? The notes from the event were just overwhelming, " The group played many musical numbers and some of the crown danced". Wow, what enthusiasm, too bad they didn't leave a set list!

Members were:
Front, left to right:

Don Scott
Gaylor Roach
Richard Guzman
Richard Mirayes - Drums

No recordings known or rumored, but I'm always looking!