Sunday, November 18, 2007

Holidays - Franklin - 1966

This is another of the totally unknown, who are you posts. Playing July 3rd, 1966. I'd love to come across a schedule or accounting ledger from Scott Hall. Maybe, Christmas is coming you know!.

Any members of the Holidays, please check-in, we are waiting to salute you.

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Unknown said...

Where did you get that card. I was in the Holidays. We played Scott Hall one night only. I believe Jim Shelton was the MC.
I forget who made those cards up for us. Band was as follows:
Steve Hantzis - keyboard (Danville IN)
Tom Hantzis - Bass (Danville IN)
Jim Owens - Guitar (Lizton IN)
John McKinny - Guitar (Lizton IN I believe)
Bob Goodson - Drums (Danville IN) and I am the one commenting on this. This is so wild. I was also in the Bomarcs which you also featured. We also played under the name The Bachs.