Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Reflections - Indianapolis - 1963

Sometimes you hear that a band was from Indianapolis, but you just can't find that elusive spark that confirms the fact. The Reflections are one such band that is finally nailed down.  Not only are the youngsters from Indy, the Reflections give invaluable info on a long lost recording studio just off the circle, and links to other recordings done in the Circle City.

 L-R: Chuck Tunnah - Dave Dunn - Perry (Pat) Baldwin - Larry Dunlap.

The Reflections (ne the Aristocats) were kids that wanted to do vocal harmonies and doo-wop, but didn't know how. Joining some school choirs helped and some progress was made. The Reflections joined a new local studio - Jan Hutchens Studio - to do background vocals for the other talent. In late '63 the boys were afforded a chance at a recording with some lingering studio musicians, and stunningly the record caught some traction in Chicago on the mighty WLS. January 1964 shows a high of #16 on the charts, but tragedy struck. The master tape was lost and the record couldn't be pressed again. No sales, no charting, so they fell off quickly.
Hear the tunes:

In the Still of the night

Tic Toc

Now we need another record to follow up. Quick record a song, but not quick enough as another Reflections hit the charts with "Just like Romeo and Juliet", and hit it big, so that band name is toast. A second record is credited to "the Illusions" and it's a dud. And to top it off, the fledgling studio puts a B-side that although credited to the Illusions, is a Rick Fortune tune.

The boys go on tour as the Checkmates, and that doesn't end well as they were booked in Ft. Wayne where a rather famous Checkmates already hailed from.

If you'd like to find out more, just order Larry Dunlap's book "Night People - things we lost in the night". Larry chronicles the journey of the Aristocats to the incarnation of "Stark Naked & the Car Thieves". And a darn good read it is.