Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Swagmen - Mishawaka

1802 W. 6th Street Mishawaka, Indiana, the address of the short-lived Americana imprint. The band, The Swagmen, left plenty of clues on the label, but are so far unknown.

Who are "B. Trace - Wagner - Abrams - Phillips"? Brian Kough? Anyone? I have found many bands with much less to go on.

What I do know is that the a-side - "Mendocino" - was released by the Sir Douglas Quintet in December '68. Credited here to "Doug Sahn", maybe that wasn't the only typo on the label.

Mendocino - groovy cover, sounds like a talented bar band.
So Long Baby - original tune I'm guessing, interesting.

Fire up those brain cells friends, we have a band to find!

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