Monday, December 31, 2012

The Dug Out - Logansport 1969

From early '69, we have the a wonderful snapshot of a week in Indiana band history.

"Boston Creme Pie", formerly the "Surf Suns" from Ft. Wayne.
-Denny McComb
Tony Lillo
Mike Kelly
Steve Towsley
Jason Liechty

One 45 as the Surf Suns and one rumored as BCP - "She's a fine woman" /?

"Dawn Five" ( see previous post here) The Dawn 5 had a rotation of members as a result of a tragic accident and the ticks of time. At the time the members may have included (but not limited to):
Dave Dunne
Pat Finnegan
Greg Nicoloff
Mike Berkowitz

"Waterproof Candle"  is a band name that may be new to most, but it did include some heavyweight members from Indianapolis bands:
Rob Swaynie
Steve Foster
Wayne Wilson
Michael Rea

"Sun Lightning Inc." has a wonderful history that has been well documented. Formerly known as the "Sangralads", there are two 45's from the band, altho they are largely different band line-ups. A wonderful recollection from Phil Armstrong (founding member and leader) is available here. Thanks to John O. at Artyfacts in Wax blog!

"Sounds Unlimited" were one of the top bands in Indianapolis, but by this time were past their sell-by date as a british invasion oriented band. Steve Foster and Wayne Wilson had left to join the "waterproof candle", and the Talbot brothers were dipping their toes in the "Mason Profitt" sound that soon was created.
One 45 and an EP (Sundazed) was released from earlier tapes found.

A hearty thanks to Brad Long for the poster, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!


Doctor Gaz said...

have you got "baby let go" by waterproof candle for posting please?

vinylfool said...

"Baby let go" is "waterproof tinkertoy" not candle........

Doctor Gaz said...

you're right, gosh these ridiculous band names confuse me.....mind you that's quite easy to do these days