Saturday, December 8, 2012

Palisades - Ft. Wayne

The Palisades from Ft. Wayne! Formerly know as the Norsemen, included:

Joe  Minnick - left seated - Drums
Jim Hoot - right seated - bass
Mike Gater - up left - rhythm guitar
Dave Miller - up right - lead guitar

According to "Debi Sollohub" (she had the byline in the article, Ft. Wayne JournalGazette -1967) the boys varied in taste from Dave's "way out stuff" to the other preferring the Yardbyrds (sic) and the Kingsmen.

Of course what caught my eye was the "recently cut a record, and in about two weeks, their first single "The Truth is Out" will be released". And for record collectors like me, that is manna from heaven.
Where is the 45? Did it ever get released? Who has one where? What are the boys up to now?
God Lord, I have such a good time doing this........

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