Sunday, November 4, 2012

Emblems - Indianapolis 1967

A few years ago, this photo of the Emblems surfaced in the Indianapolis Star (newspaper). And the Emblems were given another shot at fame.
Known members:
Greg Anderson
Ted Volkert
Chris Browning
Tom Adams

Two 45's on the Lamia label - 1967 - are evidence that the Emblems could hold their own with many bands!

Lamia 1546
Hold On, I'm Coming - That Girl of Yours

Lamia 1547
We're Gonna Love - Lumberjack Jack

Hold On is a cover of a Sam & Dave tune, and of course We're Gonna Love is a cover of the mighty "Sir Winston & the Commons" of Indianapolis, how cool is that! Chris Browning was the vocal of  "We're Gonna Love", and Greg Anderson is listed as the vocal of  "That Girl of Yours".

These guys have to have a great story, we need to find it. And then we'll get it out to be enjoyed by all!


Unknown said...

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Cool you send me a bigger image please of the Emblems picture!
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John Melcher said...

I think they formed in 1964 or '65. Chris Browning was the guitarist (Class of '68?), and Greg Anderson ('69) covered keyboards. They both went to Eastwood Jr High and North Central HS. They still play professionally in Indy (sometimes together).

I always preferred their cover of "We're Gonna Love Again" over the original.