Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Wow, can you believe we have 5 years under our belts! I thank all the bands and readers for keeping it going. I have many, many more bands in waiting, and believe me, they look forward to the comments and recollections of the time.

To add to your need for 60"s Indiana Band info, please check out:
Indiana 60's Garage Bands at Facebook
Kim Bowman of the "Walking Stycks" started it a few days ago, and I think we should make it the place to go (after here of course!) for 60's Indiana Band info!

Thanks again to all the bands / band members that I've had the pleasure of writing about, met, talked with or swapped e*mails with over the years, it's been a blast!

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Rick Wilkerson said...

Congratulations, Tim!