Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tikis - Syracuse -

This was to be the story of the Tikis, from the nothern Indiana town of Syracuse. Still is, but with a sad story inserted. Singer - bass player Ric Workman passed away yesterday, very suddenly. I had just recently met Ric thru e*mails and a quick phone conversation during the holiday week. He was stoked about his "Geri Attrix Band" and gigs, and was preparing a history of the Tikis for me to share here. Busy guy, and many will miss him!

The TIKIS formed in 1963, mostly as a instrumental surf band.
Band pic 1 - left to right:
Ric Workman - bass
Bob Folger - guitar
R.T. Seafoss - drums
Jameson Mauzy - guitar

In late '66 the TIKIS recorded a 45 that has landed on a few comps.
The band pic 2 shows the incarnation that recorded:

Pat Loo - guitar
Ric Workman - bass
Dave Webster - drums
Brad Bauer - keyboards
Bob Folger - guitar

Hear the songs here!
Show Your Love 
Careful What You Say

Wish I had more to share, but Jason has a nice history on Indiana 45's, written I think by Dave Webster. Check it out here! 

Fujimo records has an interesting history and quite a few good bands have 45's from that Elkhart operation. I can say that Ric informed me that the TIKIS on Universal Sound (Rockin' Robin / Shaketown) was a different band.

Rest in peace Ric, my pleasure to meet you, and heartfelt condolences to your family. 



Anonymous said...

I remember the Tikis. I was desperately "in love" with Ric and Jameson Mauzey. They were upper classman and in the most elite in-crowd.

I remember a school convocation where the Tikis played and for some reason our school principle pulled the plug on them.

Jameson was killed in a car accident crossing 6 shortly after he graduated from high school.

Thanks for your article. Just listened to the music. Makes me nostalgic. Some say the 60's are America's glory days and when our country peaked.

Unknown said...

I'm trying to track down Pat Loo, formerly of The TIKIS and later, played with The DUKES.
Does anyone out there know how to get in touch with Pat? Please respond to