Thursday, June 28, 2012

Five Fates - Arlington High School

Sorry no photos or 45's, just great info from John Atkins!

I graduated from Arlington in 1964 and was good friends with Rick Webster, Dan Mclean, and a great guy Johnny Chappelow ( Idle Few). In 1965 we formed a fun but not top of the mill band called "The Five Fates". Reb Porter (WIFE DJ) liked us and got us a lot of gigs.
Five Fates members were:
John Atkins - Rhythm Guitar
Tim Thompson - Lead Guitar
Dana Tygrett - Bass
Frankie McMahon - Drums
Steve Augustin - Vocals.

I got drafted in 1966 and the band kinda fell apart. Ahh, the memories of The Purple Panther - Whiteland Barn - The Flame - Indiana Roof - Claypool Hotel Ball Room - and The Diana Shop at The Meadows.

Wish I had my guitar back with "JOHNNY" in chrome letters that I was forced to sell. It was a good time indeed. By the way the Five Fates are fire, plague, flood, famine, and death. I was fire.

John Atkins


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