Monday, May 16, 2011

Ballad of Jimmy Bryan - Harry Weger - Indianapolis 500

It's May in Indiana, and all thoughts turn to the Indy 500. Quite a few records have memorialized the race and drivers, so why not have a go here.

Harry Weger had quite a country music career, record producer, and music store owner. He passed away in 2007 at 80 years.

Ballad of Jimmy Bryan
Back Home Again in Indiana

Harry had become close to quite a few drivers and recorded and released this tribute to Jimmy Bryan, 1958 winner who lost his life in a 1960 accident at Langhorn Speedway (Pennsylvania)

Released in 1961 - 4:22 was very long for contemporary 45's. Back Home Again In Indiana needs no introduction for any Hoosier. Wonderful arraignment on this.

Harry Weger also released a 45 on Adair, which was Bryant Wilson's label for his bluegrass output. (Only Adair 45 that I still need - hint hint). Read Harry Weger's obituary here.

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Rick Wilkerson said...

This is cool, thanks for posting and for the link to Harry's obit. I had no idea he'd accomplished so much. When I was maybe 13 growing up in Terre Haute, Harry Weger's Record Shop was the first record store I ever went to. What I remember most about his shop is that he had "x-rated party" 45's, something you never saw at J.C. Penney's or Woolco's record departments.