Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tallys - Tally's - Indianapolis - 1965 - '66

With the addition of bassist Mike Blines, the Cavemen evolved into the Tallys. Starting in Sept. '65, and playing at least thru 1966.
Pictured Left to right:
Jerry Prescott - lead Guitar
Dave Warsham - drums
Jeff Crawford - guitar

The Tallys played the normal college campuses, frat parties, and
as seen in the ad, the Purple Panther (which until today, I didn't know as a teen dance venue).

Now the really cool stuff...
The Tallys traveled to Dayton to make demo tapes at a sound studio there. The demo tapes were picked up by a recording company and told that they could record for that label two weeks later. That would most probably be Prism records. Another Indianapolis band told them that the label had "not good" distribution, and decided to wait awhile. and that while became forever.....

I know that the Noblemen (McCordsville) and the Tribu-Terrys (Rushville) both released 45s on Prism (and maybe the Buckinghams, but I need confirmation on that!), and I'd love to hear the tapes the boys had. Time to step up to the plate and be heard!

***Lord William and The Wisdoms**** anyone? Never even heard a whisper about this (sept.66 ad).


Your driver said...

Wow, extremely cool blog. I heard about you from Mike Whybark. I understand that you're also at Musical Family Tree? Let's be pals. I have a blog that includes some music. Clicking on my name will lead you there. I lived in Indiana from 1978 until 1984, but I have lots of friends and relatives and still consider it a sort of second home. Thanks for this nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the Purple Panther was in an old roller skating rink on E New York street. We played in a large benefit concert there, that was sponsored by the WIFE good guys. (Reb Porter was the Master of Ceremonies). What was unique (for back in those days) was there were a couple of African American bands playing along side all of us Rockers. BTW......they were MUCH better than the rest of us, and older :)

Kevin Williams

vinylfool said...

I'd love to get some leads on an African-American or other ethnic group in the '60's! Any band names ring a bell, contact me here or at my gmail address.