Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monte Carlos '65 Greensburg - Franklin - Columbus

The Monte Carlos, circa 1965. The band formed in late '64 or early '65. I have seen ads that show they played thru '66, don't believe much later though. Played a mix of top 40 and their own songs.

The lineup as the pic shows:

Mike McPherson - Jackson (???) High School - drums
Ron Freeman - Columbus High School - guitar
Arnold Brown - St. Paul High School (Greensburg) - guitar
Drew Wood - Franklin High School - Lead Singer - guitar
Don "Monty" Montgomery - piano - organ - Manager

Pretty darn sure no recording exist for the boys, but a big salute for just doing it!


Unknown said...

Wow...takes me back...I dated Mike McPherson back in 66. My first real boyfriend! What a trip back in time! He went by "Mick" though. The band played locally until early 67. Mick graduated from Jackson High School (in Decatur County) and graduated with my brother. I was told that he had passed away recently though. Anyone know if this is true?

Anonymous said...

Mike "Mick" McPherson did pass away. This is Ron, the lead player for the band.....I was trying to find him a year or so ago and I did recieve an answer saying that he had passed away from the funeral home where he had been. We did make a demo record/recording, but never put it out. We just gave it to our friends. Mick/Drums..Eddie/Bass..Drew/Lead singer and rhythum..and me/Lead guitar....were the last and the newest of the band members...We played Indiana, Chicago...and won a battle of the bands contest....I do have a recording of that "next night" show that we put on...thanks to Eddie Burris, who took it from a 40 year old reel-to-reel tape and put it on CD for me. I thank the people who put up this Web Site...and for bringing back the memories...wish there were more people who remembered...but old articles in the Columbus and Greensburg newspapers should still be obtainable..I havent checked...Thanks again, Ron

vinylfool said...

Ron, I would really like to thank you and the guys for giving us something to applaud. I think I have some earlier material from the band, I'll look it up.
Any chance I could get a copy of that CD? That would make our day! And who exactly did you give the demo records to? LOL, can't blame a guy for trying!

Anonymous said...

I can remember dancing at one of their preformances. Wasn't a very good dancer, but they were a really good band!!!

Anonymous said...

Mick was always a true friend and gentleman. He actually did play gigs after his tour in Vietnam.
A great drummer and friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased to find a reference to this band. I knew Mick well. He died in St. Petersburg FL around '96-'97 and is at rest in Bay Pines National Cemetery. He wanted to be remembered as a Vietnam Veteran and a musician.

Anonymous said...

Ron,it would mean a great deal to me to get a copy of that cd,I'd be willing to pay expenses.i knew mick from childhood to his death in 96.i only got to hear him play drums a handful of times in my teenage garage band days.for someone that hadn't played in a longtime he was a very good drummer.