Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eliminators - Students - Greenwood - Franklin 1966-67

Cut back to early 1966, The Eliminators are born and ready to play. Surf and Hot rod were the sounds of the day, and these kids nailed it.
Founding members (from left)
Jim Moore
Joey Hutchinson
Larry Hobson
Mike Wiggin
Released one 45 on their own TE label:
Move Out Lotus
She's All right

The band was sponsored by 2 time Indy 500 winner "Rodger Ward". He won the '59 and '62 races (for the unaware). I have a newspaper article

that claims the 45 (recorded at Jan Eden Studios
in Indianapolis) was to have been released on the Hickory label (a subsidiary of Decca). But 1000 were released on the bands own label.

Mike Wiggin left the band and Dale Young joined the lads. The drum head of the second band shows "the Mystics", but the the band was renamed The Students.

The new line-up included:

Joey Hutchison - Drums
Jim Moore - Lead Guitar - group manager
Dale Young - Organ
Larry Hobson - Rhythm Guitar

The Eliminators released two more 45's that completely changed the sound of the group.

1966: Rodger Ward records

Indiana Calling
I Couldn't Help Falling (1:59 version)

1967: Gold Brik records

The Letter Home
I Couldn't Help Falling (2:56 version)

The Students formed in May 1966 and were very active in the Indianapolis area. They played often at Franklin Skate Club, and had appeared on The Billie Boucher Show on TV. Pretty heady stuff for teens in the mid '60s!
Somehow, like most, the Students faded from the radar and into
history. It's our job to applaud them for giving it a go!


xerxes said...

Incredible. G-wood for life. I was in a Greenwood garage band, but from this millennium, haha!

Keep spreading the hoosier love, man!

vinylfool said...

Greenwood seemed to have it's own great szene in the day. Glad to see you're keeping the tradition alive.

When you see that 60ish guy at the guitar store, ask him what he did in the day, it way surprise you!

Todd Lucas said...

Interesting, the Roger Ward label. I'm assuming some connection to the Indy race driver.

vinylfool said...

Hey Todd,
Thanks for looking. Yes that Rodger Ward was involved. The 1st 45 also has "sponsored by Roger Ward" imprinted very small on the bottom of the label. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Unknown said...

Roger Ward also had us record for Capitol in Nashville. That was great! Thanks, Jim Moore.

Unknown said...

Hey guys, So great to find you here! I used to play your 45's over and over again - and we were fortunate to have "The Students" serenade our neighborhood one summer night in Indianapolis. Loved you guys... Aloha, from Chuck Barnes' daughter Lisa

Unknown said...

Hey guys,

Loved The Students back in the day and was fortunate enough to have you guys serenade our neighborhood one summer night back in 1967? Loved playing the 45's over and over and over and over - Happy holidays and much aloha, Lisa Barnes (Chuck's daughter)

Unknown said...

They were the best when they were the Eliminators!! Had a great time with that band!!!!

Bob Pegg said...

As a long time record collector and dealer in the 1950's and 1960's teen sound on 45 rpm, I am very fond of "I Couldn't Help Falling" by Jim Moore and the Students. I can picture them singing it on a warm summer night in some park in Greenwood, with lots of high school kids there and even a few of their parents. Maybe even a few fireflies buzzing around lol. That song brings me back to a simpler time in America! Bob Pegg, Tacoma,Washington

Unknown said...

I know Jim Moore from Franklin skating rink. I have often wondered about him. Wondered if he went into singing full time.