Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shy Ones - Indianapolis - 1967

This is one of a couple known '60s Indiana all girl bands. Previously published info states that the Shy Ones were popular on the college fraternity circuit. Can't see any fault with that statement. This is one of those lost bands that I've gotten more names for (from other bands with a watchful eye) than I've got members in the ad! Seems they were booked often in early '67 with The Suns of Summer, an all boy band. Wonder if the girl in the middle still has that Gibson SG she's clutching! That would be just too much to bear!

Band members known:
Carol Buckoski
Sandy Gay
Barb Gabriel
Bonnie McDowell
Robin McDowell
Jeanne Schuller

Any ideas on who's who in the pic, please let me know. I'm fairly certain no recordings exist for this group, but I'd love to be proven wrong!


Anonymous said...

The 1967 picture of The Shy Ones, posted on your site, includes Cheryl Gay and Barbara Gabriel (L-R in the back row), and Sandy Gay, Carol Bockoski and Kathy Symms (L-R in the front row). Jeanne Schuller, and Bonnie and Robin McDowell joined later, and replaced Cheryl and Kathy.

vinylfool said...

Fabulous! Thanks so much for your info. I have to assume that you were quite close (or in) the band. I'd love to chat with you about what music was played, recordings, etc. Please email me!
I have another source who swears (s)he has a super 8 film of the Shy Ones playing new years eve '66 in Franklin's Scott Hall. Hope they e*mail me back!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeanne Schuller was the lead guitarist. I grew up next door to her and we were friends, learning guitar together. I was not in that band, but Jeanne and I were in a few bands together. Anyone know how I may contact her? It's been almost 40 years! I would love to talk with her. My name is Laura; she'll know who I am. laurah-at-fspp.org.

Anonymous said...

I remember the band practicing at the Gabrielhome long ago and also , my cousin Kathy Helfer(Faurote now) was in place then. They were quite a force to be reckoned with as far as a girl band. They kicked A... I haven't seen any of the other girls except for my cousin and Carol Bockoski. My other girl cousin Sandi married Carol's brother and is since divorced.

Anonymous said...

Mike Pavey was Barb Gabriel's drum instructor. The girls had their first exposure playing the breaks for Mike's band, The 18th Generation (Mike Pavey, Tim ??(on organ), Mike ?? on Lead Guitar, Bill Sears on Rhythm, and a bass player. This was back when WIBC would DJ dances and provide bands and fillers.

The bass player devoted a lot of time as music director / arranger for the girls. They gained polish and a following and eventually opened for The Outsiders, Buffalo Springfield (I think it was), and Tiny Tim at Clowes Hall.

Stan Bockoski, Carol's older brother was the most accomplished equipment manager -- Stan the Van Man.

Tragically, Carol was killed in a private plane accident in the mid-1980's. She was a immensely creative spirit and was always a source of joy.

I used to have a few photos of the group...if I can find them I'd be delighted to pass them on.

For the record, these were very solid young women. They broke up, not due to discontent, but because it was time to go to college and on to another life.

Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel, in my memory, were the epitome of what supportive parents should be, and their children serve as examples of their work.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with Dave Gabriel who live d three houses down for me. He about the shy ones. He used to tell me stories about he would take care of the drum set for his sister.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with Dave Gabriel. He used to tell me stories about his sister and 'the shy ones'. He was like a roadie for his sister with her drum set.

Anonymous said...

Mama and Papa G as they were known were great and fun people and my second set of parents. I am still close friends to this day with Dave Gabriel, (Indy) Barb the drummers younger brother and lead singer Robin who now resides in Florida.