Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kut-Outs - Columbus, Indiana 1965

The Kut-Outs from Columbus, 1965! This announcement gives lots of great info on the early '65 szene. Seems Roy Orbison had 100 45s in the local cutout bins to give away! Kut-Outs , cutouts, see why I don't write comedy! Also in the announcement, The XL's , local heroes, played and seemed to be a darn fine band. The Four Wheels, later the Boys Next Door. Some great 45s from that band!

The Kut-Outs included:

Trent Nentrup
John (JR) Arrington (Vietnam casualty)
Daryl Richards

Thanks To Trent for the member info, and he's looking into some pics and documentation of the band!

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