Monday, March 25, 2013

Chalets - Shelbyville 1966

Set the wayback machine to August '66 and the formation of the Chalets is complete.
"If I had a noseful of nickels I'd sneeze a fortune your way" was featured in an original song offered by The Chalets. Sounds like a band we must get to know!

Mike Davis - drums
Don Isgrigg - lead guitar
Kim Greene - singer - rhythm guitar
Tom Brenton - keyboard
Rocket Murphy - bass

Looking at the Chalets resume we see:

August '66 the band placed first in the Marion County Battle of the Bands -
First at the Decatur County fair -
Fourth at the Shelby County fair -
Second in the Combo Clash for the Danny Thomas Leukemia Foundation appearing on Channel 6 TV -

The Chalets played in Indianapolis, Greensburg, Rushville, Edinburgh, Bloomington and other surrounding towns.

The Chalets had hopes of cutting a record, with original tunes: noseful of nickels, love is the gutter, and it's worth a lot. Hoping as always we'll get to hear these tunes............

***super duper thanks to Fred Dickman for the photos and the Chalets for making it happen!***


Laura said...

Our band, ISSSB, met the Chalets, I believe in the Danny Thomas deal which was for the St. Jude Hospital. They were great! We were on TV, playing "Till the End of the Day-by the Kinks". Super Beatles amps were provided by Carnegie Music on S. 31. We met lots of great musicians that day and at other battle of the Bands.

Laura said...

I remember these folks and they were great! I was in the ISSSB band when we all played at the Danny Thomas St. Jude Hospital event. We also appeared on TV, doing "Till the End of the Day", by the Kinks. What great times! We met so many nice people/musicians.

RainbowDemon1952 said...

As I recall around 1969, Jack Hignite took over as lead singer of the band, bringing a tremendously soulful voice to the band. The guys were all awesome individuals and we got to be friends when they played their shows in Rushville.