Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quinchords - 1965

The Quinchords, from 1965, a folk rock band that had many interesting stories.

The Quinchords were:
Terry Talbot
John Michael Talbot
Tanni Talbot
Tom Wright

Headin' for Missouri
Outside Lookin' In

The Talbots were from Oklahoma City, and moved to Indianapolis in the early '60s. When this 45 was recorded and released, John Michael was just 11 years old. Terry was the ringleader, and just a few years older.

Tom Wright went on to co-found the "Wright Brothers Overland Stage Company", an Indiana mainstay of country rock.
Terry & John Michael joined the Indianapolis based "Sounds Unlimited" in 1966 - 1968. In '69 the brothers founded the long-lived "Mason Proffit" country rock outfit.

The Talbot brothers were also in "Fourscore", a folk-rock band before "Sounds Unlimited", but details are fuzzy.

As always, any info you have, we'd love to have it and share it with the world! Who, what, where was the Big Star label?

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From Itunes Preview:

At the peak of his success, John Michael Talbot was the best-selling male performer in the history of Christian music. Born in Oklahoma City in 1954, he began playing piano and drums at the age of six, and later moved on to banjo, guitar and dobro. In 1963, the family moved to Indianapolis; there, Talbot soon made his professional debut as a member of his brother Terry's teen pop band, the Quinchords. The Talbot brothers later co-founded the country-rock band Mason Proffit, which earned a cult following prior to its 1972 breakup; the siblings continued working together, however, with their increasing spirituality pushing them towards contemporary Christian pop. After recording an eponymous 1974 LP as the Talbot Brothers, both went their separate ways; John Michael soon signed to Sparrow, his sound mellowing to combine with his tenor vocals and classical guitar playing. Talbot's first solo LP, a self-titled effort, appeared in 1975; after 1977's The New Earth, he withdrew from performing to study Catholicism, with these new beliefs informing 1978's The Lord's Supper and its follow-up, Come to the Quiet. In the years to follow, Talbot's albums arrived fast and furious, and soon he was the best-selling artist in the history of Sparrow Records. In 1992, he founded his own label, Troubadour for the Lord.