Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Wild Ones - Ft. Wayne

Another entry from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The Wild Ones were skilled enough to be selected to the Indiana Bandstand tour.

From Left:
Mike Babcock - Lead Vocal
Mike Heime - Bass
Joe Long - Drums
Rick Babcock - Lead Guitar
Larry Miller - Rhythm

The Wild Ones, students from Northside High School, recorded this 45 in June '66.

Hear "Tale of a City" now!

What was Indiana Bandstand you ask?
The bandstand consists of 10 bands from throughout Indiana, who were selected in a contest held at Kokomo. This summer (1966) the bands tour Indiana, playing two and three-night stands at various teen clubs and dance halls.

By February 1967, the Wild Ones had written 13 original songs. Rick, being the prolific songwriter, was looking forward to entertaining offers from Indianapolis bands for his material.

Where are they now?


Anonymous said...

Rick Babcock, my cousin, the bands creator, past away 1/4/13. Another band member Larry Miller past away a few back. I know Mike Babcock is still alive as of this posting, but not sure of the others. Thank goodness for this blog to pay respect to all of the past bands and their members from the 60's.

Wil Babcock - Jersey Chains

Anonymous said...


Tony Heim said...

hi this is tony heim the son of mike heim looking for my dads high school buddy joe long the drummer, my dad played bass. contact me @ or if ur personable call 260-740-7455 love to here from somebody and so would dad hes still kicking and driving me nutts! lol! see ya!

Tony Heim said...

MY dad has been telling me about the band and after all these years i took it upon my self to join this blog on behalf of my father hes wondering obout his good old buddy joe long whom was the drummer my dad was the bassist, the were school buddies among the rest, and dad says sofie mike babcocks girlfriend was a hottie and dont know to this day if they got married! LOL!! ha ha