Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Generation - 1966 -

"They've got to be great - or crazy". That's the reaction from the interviewer, circa 1966, Teen Tempo magazine. Obviously named after the Who's "My Generation", these guys were regulars at the Le Scene nightclub / teen hotspot.

Back row:
Michael Stack - Singer - Broad Ripple High
Doug Kennerly - Drums - Broad Ripple High
Front Row:
Al Smith -Lead Guitar - Arlington High
Dave Fitch - Keyboards - Broad Ripple High
Mike Rea - Bass - Broad Ripple High

Al gets bonus cool points for playing a Vox guitar. Time to check in guys and give us the skinny on what was the haps in '66!


Anonymous said...

Would love to hear comments about Our Generation! My Dad was one of the members.

vinylfool said...

I'd love to hear something also. Have your Dad check in and set the record straight! Unusual that I have heard absolutely nothing about these guys. I'm fairly sure that Kennerly and Rea played in other bands as well.

girlreporter007 said...
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girlreporter007 said...

Doug Kennerly did go on to play in several other bands, including Nebula Spoon and Pure Funk, which became Roadmaster. He graduated from Indiana University, was a juvenile probation officer in Phoenix for several years, and married me 28 years ago!! We met when I was, ahem, 19, and sneaked into the Bluebird. Pure Funk was playing. I asked to meet the drummer; lead singer Asher Benrubi carried me onstage and threw me across Doug's lap. Lots of other stuff happened over the years, but Doug and I got back together seven years after we met and were married in '83. Lucky Doug. Lucky me. He still rocks and we're living in Florida, where I'm a reporter. So who's the dad who was one of the members? Mike Rea, by the way, played in other bands too over the years. We saw him at a Nebula Spoon reunion back in 2000 and see lots of Doug's old bandmates here and there and on Facebook. Spent an evening with Toby Myers when he was down here with his family in July -- such fun.

Tom Cheshire said...

Went to High School with all the members of Our Generation. Friends with all of them. Later became The Urge with Toby Meyers, Dick Panyard, and Bill Kennerly. Mike Rea and Mike Stack still in Indianapolis area. Unfortunately Al Smith and Dave Fitch are no longer with us. One of the best times of my life; hanging out with Our Generation and enjoying the music. They were really good!

Anonymous said...

I went to BRHS with Doug and I remember his passion with the drums, Ringo and playing music. If my memory serves me (can't promise) it seems like the last time I saw him was playing at Dillingers on Pendelton Pike on Indys east side in the late seventies. Tell Doug I said Hi!
I remember him living on Carrolton? Near 49th st..

Unknown said...

Ken time has passed since Texas and hanging in the apartment and I still remember arm wrestling for beer.
King Fisch

girlreporter007 said...

King Fisch: Doug’s wife Britt here. He wants to know if you’re still a
ski bum nurse in Michigan and says
that’s it’s cool to hear from you.
Are you on FB or Twitter or Instagram?