Friday, October 23, 2009

The Young Set - 1967

From Indianapolis, 1967, the Young Set are in the mix of local bands making the rounds.

From left:
Sherie Marie
JoAnn McCubbins
Tom Tyner
Shari Robinson
Suzanne Simpson

The second photo (courtesy of Larry Goshen's "Let the Good times Roll") shows 5 ladies and no gent. Later, earlier, I don't know yet.

As the poster shows, the Young Set made it so far as Olney, IL in '67. Any recordings or 45's are surely rumors. I'm told they were Top 40 tunes only.


April Felt said...

My mother was the Suzanne Simpson in those pictures. She passed away on November 4, 2000 of heart failure. If anyone has any kind of recordings, stories, or even pictures: I would love to be contacted. My email address is
My name is April Felt.

Anonymous said...

I have a poster for "The Young Set" appearing at the Brazil (IN) Armory with the band "Mourning Missed". It has the photo of the girls with the guy with his hand on his chin.
Robert A. Pell Brazil IN