Thursday, April 16, 2009

D.A. & the Downbeats - Franklin 1966

The town of Franklin, Indiana (circa 1966), proudly presents

D.A & the Downbeats!

Did this band ever record? No.
Did they get rich and famous? No.
Did they set the bar for other bands? No.

Are they important to us? Hell yes!

From left:

Lee Wilhelm - rhythm guitar
Bill McCarty - bass guitar
Les Tabeling - lead guitar
Doug Adamson - drums

My notes say Doug was the leader of the band, and with his initials out front, I see no reason to doubt it. Don't know where he is or what he did, but I'll find out.

Lee didn't have another band gig and lives in Nashville, IN.
Bill, another unknown....
And of course, Les went on to front the "Try-Angle" of Orlyn 45 legend. I'll put it up soon.


Alyce Trimpe said...

Bill Mccarty is my grandpa and he is still singing in fact this saturday he is preforms.

Alyce said...