Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poorboys - Kokomo

Some bands are just hard to pin down. The Poorboys from Kokomo, Indiana, circa 1966. I had a promo pic early in this blogs evolution (poor boys) and no less than two other Poor Boys bands let me know that it wasn't them. But the subtle answer is here, notice there is no space in the Poorboys.

The Poorboys that recorded this were:

Mark Hewitt - guitar
Jeff Williams
Clinton Wray
Larry Ingels.

Hear Think of livin' now!
Hear Julie, Julie now!

Jim Day of radio station WIOU in Kokomo made all arrangements for the recording in Nashville.


Anonymous said...

I Like The song. Did this 45 come out in 1967? Is it possible to post the other song Julie Julie?

vinylfool said...

The 45 is from the last half of '66. Enjoy the song! My 45 looks mint-, but plays like it was run over by a truck.

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