Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bushmen - Columbus - 1966

Another local band, The Bushmen, from Columbus, 1966. This is from an ad for a show at the Lincoln Center - December 1966. The Bushmen were the "intermission" band, as the Mystics were the featured band.

Give a hand to (left to right)
Front Row:
Jeff Wilhite
Dennis Huntington
Back Row:
Rick Thompson
Mike Fox
Rick Spencer

No recorded music, real or imagined. I need to cross-check what other bands the boys were in, as always, I'll find out and spread the news!


Anonymous said...

Mike Fox of the Bushmen,could be the same guy that plays in present-day Columbus band "The Luckies"?


vinylfool said...
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Mindy Giles said...

Mike Fox --one and the same. He is one of my oldest pals.Mike is a great player and taught me alot about rock and roll. He graduated in 1969 from Columbus Hight

vinylfool said...

Wow, looks I was very wrong on that, that's why we do this, to get the facts straight!

Mikey said...

Mikey here. Yes, did play with The Bushmen, then with Maude Mueller Incident (who brought the long version of Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida to the ears of Columbus) many years ago....well.1969). Maude went of her way to be as "off" as we could be. Fever Tree and other bands were her circle. Luckies is also right.

I am also a vinyl junkie.