Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tribu-Terrys - Henchmen - 1966

The Tribu-Terrys, a great long lost, I'm betting, Indiana band. They seemed to have played in central Indiana too many times to have been from Ohio. This date is played in Franklin, Indiana, 1966. The writer credits 'the band", you all know the story, we'll share the credits, wink, wink.
If you know any info on who was in this great, nearly forgotten band, please help us document it!!
Hear Leavin' to Stay right now. Known 45 is Prism 1951 - Leavin' to Stay / My Shadow is You.

The Henchmen were probably "Anne & the Henchmen" out of Tudor Hall,(Park Tudor?), Indianapolis.

Members included:

Anne Hall
Duncan Williams (drums)
Mike Shoyer
Bob Staton

No 45 left behind that we know of, but as always, if you know any nuggets of info, please pass it on. don't let these groups be forgotten!!!!

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RainbowDemon1952 said...

The Tribu-Terrys haled from Rushville, Indiana. The band was named after front man Terry Vandiver. Holly Heuer played drums, another member was John Carter, and that's all my failing memory allows me to remember.
Terry and Holly still reside in Rushville, not sure about the other members.